Our homes are a reflection of our own personal sense of style and our gardens are definitely an extension of our homes. This means that if you have a particular design approach in your home, then you will be likely to have a similar approach in your garden too.

Many homes are now adopting a more modern and contemporary style, with clean lines, uncluttered space and plenty of neutral colours. But how can the same approach be adopted in your garden? To help you to understand more about how to create a contemporary garden, we have put together our beginners guide on creating your very own contemporary garden

Keep it neat and tidy

A modern home is often a minimalist home, with plenty of clever storage in order to keep everything neat and tidy. The same approach should often be taken with your garden too. You will need to think about how to make sure that your garden doesn’t become cluttered, which means that you may need to consider furniture that is not only great for its original function, but also that can help with storage too. 

Think about geometric lines 

A common design feature of any modern home is that of geometric lines. The same seems to appear in contemporary gardens too. Of course, it isn’t as easy to use geometric lines in your garden as it is in your home, but you can think about patterns and prints on furniture as well as how you actually arrange everything in your outdoor space too.

Hard landscaping is a must

One thing that you need to consider when creating a contemporary garden is the hard landscaping that you will use. Stone, wood and metal are your main considerations and each one has its own benefits. The material that you choose will often depend on your own personal tastes as well as the look of the interior of your home too. By using a similar material in your garden as your home, you can create a seamless flow between the two spaces.

You can still have plants

When you are putting together a contemporary garden, you might think that you are not going to be able to have all the lovely plants that you would usually want in your garden. But that really doesn’t have to be the case. A contemporary garden is still a garden, which means that you can still have plenty of plants, but you may just need some bold and bright plants that are going to become a focal point. Grass like shrubs are good for contemporary gardens as they not only last all year round, but they also can give a great contrast against the harder lines that can come as a part of a contemporary garden.

These are just the starting points when it comes to creating a contemporary garden. There are plenty of things that you can do to make sure that your garden looks amazing. It really depends on your own personal take on contemporary gardens and how you want your outdoor space to look.

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