Garden is an extension of our house. Is like extra room that is used for entertaining activities, to rest after work, to exercise, play area for children and place for parties and celebrations. As a landscaping and garden design company over couples of years we have designed and created many different gardens for peoples with different needs and expectations we would like to describe few areas in the garden that are the best spots for entertaining.

Patio area is usually the closest and mostly use area for entertaining. Usually build from hard materials like concrete slabs, natural stones, or porcelain tiles very popular at the moment. Patios are spaces that we use to put our garden furniture, barbecues, and some of us are building outdoor kitchens next to them. We have parties there in the summer months and spending quiet time outside to recharge our batteries and resting.

It is important to chose the right patio type for our garden as professionally build patio can guarantee longevity use and ad value to our properties in the future. Patios are the most popular spaces build in the garden. They are usually main areas in small town houses gardens sometimes taking all the available space. So it is important to plan well and chose the right plants that can grow in containers as the planting space is limited.

Creating more space in your garden

Another space in the garden that is use for entertaining is decking. It is second after patios most popular structure build in the gardens. It is usually build in gardens with challenging site conditions like different levels or unusual layout. Decking can be build from soft wood, hard wood or very popular lately composite materials that include recycled plastic and wood. Deckings are use similar to patios for parties and entertaining. It is perfect space for hot tube and jacuzzi as it can be easily build in to decking and be a feature on our sitting area. We can easy relocate furniture and plant containers on decking. Deckings need a bit more attention and maintenance then patios especially deckings build from wood. It is important to do a regular oil treatment to extend the life of decking and keep good look of it all year around.

Pergolas another entertaining place in the garden. Pergolas are build from wood or metal. Structure that are build for climbing plants that bring beautiful show of flowers in summer months. They also work as a shelter from sun in very hot days and give more privacy as a sitting area. Usually build on a patios or other hard surfaces concreted to the ground. Hammock or other furniture can be placed there, Can be also used as an exercise or meditation area.

Creating the perfect lawn

Lawn area is a feature of nearly every garden. In larger gardens they are mostly use for entertaining by children. Children play balls running and playing all type of games on it. All kind of toys are usually placed on lawns in our garden. From trampoline loved by children to swings and claiming frames.

Lawn area is also use by adults to play and exercise. Sometimes people have large parties and anniversaries on the green part of the garden. It is important when planting a new lawn in the garden to chose the right type of grass as different type of lawns are use depending on the needs of the user. Hard wearing lawn is usually planted for children areas and heavy traffic, shady lawn is used for shady areas of the garden and less used by peoples.

To build perfect entertaining space in the garden is good to talk to professional landscaper or garden designer. They can give many different ideas about it and recommend the best materials and options for our garden. Garden designer can produce detailed garden design plan that can show options and possibilities for our garden. It is the best to work with companies that are producing design plans and build the garden as well. So we know what will happened in any stage of the garden building process.

If you looking to add more space in your garden you can contact us