Project Description

Garden located in old terraced house in Wimbledon South London. Front garden was demolished by the builders and needs complete renovation. Back part of a garden was also use by the builders to store materials and tools. The owner of the house were looking to bring old victorian look to the front of the garden and modern look in the back with minimum maintenance.

Sunny Gardens come with the idea of victorian style path, new wall and carbon black paving in the front of the house. The plan for back garden include new fencing, hard wood decking and sandstone patio as a barbecue area.

What we did

The front garden have to be completely cleared, we start with rebuilding of an old wall that was falling apart. Brick work was completed as the first part of the job. We have installed old refurbished garden gate on newly build wall to keep the character of the road. New path was laid from victorian tiles and paving on the side from black carbon limestone.

The back Garden was done as the second phase of the project. After complete clearance we started with installation of new fencing form close-board panels on concrete gravel boards, concrete posts and trellis on the top of the fence. Next tot the sliding door we have build hard wood decking. Back part of the garden was paved with Indian Sandstone. Small borders for planting was created and artificial lawn laid.

Please contact us for any paving, decking, fencing jobs in the garden.