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Grow your own food in difficult times

Sunny Gardens vegetables summer 2019
Self-sufficient garden system.

As a garden design maintenance and landscaping company we have a great knowledge about growing plants and vegetable in the garden. It is why we would like to describe few ways to grow your own food in your own garden. One of our designers have invented a garden system as part of his graduation project at the Open University. The system of gardening is called self-sufficient garden system and can be built in any garden to grow our own vegetables over all seasons.


Self-sufficient garden system it is an invention that is designed to reduce costs of running the garden next to our houses and reduce impact to the environment from gardens. It saves electrical energy, water, and money for maintenance and fertilizers. The system use water available from rainfalls, energy from the sun to power all electrical appliances in the garden, water features, pumps. Composting is the key element of this garden system, all organic waste from home and garden is used for composting. Compost and liquid fertilizer will be produced by using worm farming composting methods. Produced compost will be use for the garden needs. Liquid fertilizer will be added to the watering system and distributed for feeding all plants. 

This type of a system is an invention that have to be design and build over a time so it can be only example of what we can do in our garden in the future. At the moment we need to transform our gardens as quick as possible to grow our own food. To do that we need to buy seeds of different types of vegetables depends on our needs and start sowing them. This time of the year we need to keep them in warm places like window sill in our home, greenhouses or polytunnels. After few days or weeks most of them should start growing and we will have our own vegetables ready to plant outside in April and May. We need to water them daily but have to make sure we do not over water them. Soil and pots are available in most garden centres. In case we have old pots and a lot of soil in our garden use them first. More information about growing your own food will be available weekly on our website: contact:

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